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"Prepare Youth for Excellence"


Prepare Youth for Excellence is a program God
has entrusted to Justin Burnette,
to prepare young men and women
from the ages of 11-16 for today’s
society. Debbie Charity, Justin’s
mother-in-law and his wife, Lauren
Burnette, are helping reach the
vision that God has given Justin to
direct youth in this area.
Stand in the Gap Ministries(SIGM) began at the
Youngstown YMCA and Prepare Youth for Excellence had a total
of nine young adults participated;
three young ladies and six young
men. Prepare Youth Excellence was an
eight-week course to prepare the
nine young adults, with a focus on
Christian values and morals. The program emphasized building selfesteem and becoming a successful, productive member of society. We
initially encouraged individuals to discuss and share concerns of life and
personal goals. Discussions included life skills such as job-searching that
incorporated resumes, applications, appropriate dress and behaviors necessary to obtain and maintain a job. Emphasis was also placed on the need
to have goals and steps needed to reach them

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